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Thursday, November 22, 2007

South Junction Triangle Residents Association

Jack Fava and some other local residents have started a new residents association. He writes:

We have a temporary exexcutive made of 7 residents. We had a meeting and voted. We had a show of less then 50 residents yesterday even though it rain people came out, we were expecting more but we were happy of the turn out and also happy that we were able to continue.

The name of the group is called
SOUTH JUNCTION TRIANGLE RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION, the boundries are the rail road tracks to the West, the tracks to the east, the tracks to the north of dupont and bloor to the south. We also had the pleasure of meeting two other groups which live north of bloor south of rankin, i did not know they even excisted until yesterday, anyhow came out to support us. We went around really quick and asked residents about there concerns many said, SAFETY, CRIME, DEVELOPMENT, GREEN SPACE AND ENVIRONMENT. We also felt we have been ignored or excluded, bloor street between lansdowne to dundas west, we are a very important part of bloor, we are the access way to lansdowne and going east and to dundas and bloor going west, we also have many children and people that go to school or the dufferin mall. We have also noticed that we do not have no festive(christmas) lights on the light poles or we are never included in events, i guess mainly due to not having a BIA, hopfully this will change in the future, we have many willing and concern residents residents, it can only get better.

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