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DIG IN initiates inclusive community and cultural plans and actions that will contribute to sustaining a neighbourhood that is GREEN • CLEAN • SAFE • CIVIL by fostering improvements in the areas of its social, environment, cultural, economic and physical make up. Please join our Mailing List / Yahoo Group.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 City Council All Candidates Meeting

Ward 18 All Candidates Meeting 

on Sustainable Transportation

Bloor Gladstone Public Library 1101 Bloor Street West

Wednesday October 8th, 2014    

6:30 until 8:30

Join Ward 18 City Council Candidates: 
Paul Alves, Ana Bailão, Jolene Hunt, Alex Mazer, Derek Power, Elsa Romao, Mohammed Uddin

  • Safe bike infrastructure 
  • TTC Service, Fares and Funding 
  • Safe sidewalks and intersections 
  • Traffic flow and congestion

Submit your questions via

Join us after the debate at “The Steady” -1051 Bloor St to continue the conversation

Community Co-sponsors:
Dovercourt Park Community Association
Ward 18 Cycle Toronto
Code RedTO
TTC Riders
Walk TO

Friday, February 14, 2014



Jane's Walk: Doors Open Davenport
   Jane's Walk: Doors Open Davenport Jane's Walk: Doors Open Davenport

Jane's Walk: Doors Open Davenport
Jane's Walk: Doors Open Davenport
Jane's Walk: Doors Open Davenport

FIND MORE great pictures by Vic Gedris here:

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIGIN Meeting: Wed Feb 12th, 2014

Wednesday 12 FEB 2014
@ 7pm - 8:30pm

Wallace Emerson Community Centre
Ambrico Room
1260 Dufferin Street (on Dufferin, south of Dupont)

Davenport MPP Jonah Schein (7pm – 8pm)
Province's committment to housing
Inclusionary housing
Land Use / Employment lands
Transportation / Transit

Brief updates on potential upcoming projects: (8pm-8:30pm)
Road Safety Initiative
The Transit Challenge
Doors Open Davenport
Bike Polo Toronto
Open Streets TO

Adjourn 8:30 pm to Boo Radley's (NW corner Dupont and Campbell)

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Friday, December 6, 2013

DIGIN meeting: Wednesday 11 DEC 2013

Wednesday 11 DEC 2013
@ 7pm - 8:30pm
Wallace Emerson Community Centre
Ambrico Room
1260 Dufferin Street
(on Dufferin, south of Dupont)
Updates on the following:
1)      Hydro/traffic signal box (NW corner of Bloor and Lansdowne).
2)    TDSB sale of Kent & Bloor CI
3)      Bloordale BIA AGM update
4)      City of Toronto Richmond and Adelaide bike track public consultations
5)      City of Toronto Building department recommendation in favour of electronic billboard advertising in residential areas
6)      Transit - Relief Line
7)      Island Airport
8)      Committee of Adjustment for 1 Emerson
9)    Topics for discussion 2014?

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIGIN meeting Wed Nov 13 @ 7pm - Responsible Neighbourhood Development cont'd

Wednesday 13 Nov 2013
@ 7pm - 8:30pm

Wallace Emerson Community Centre
Ambrico Room
1260 Dufferin Street
(on Dufferin, south of Dupont)
As our neighbourhood continues to morph, we will continue to discuss Responsible Neighbourhood Development.

It is recognized that our neighbourhoods need to remain affordable in order to retain the socio-economic and cultural diversity that has defined our area and that many of us value. As many of the big homes that line our streets hold multiple units it is in these homes that we often find affordable rental spaces. But what happens when the buildings and the yard maintenance are neglected? What happens when the neighbours have an issue they'd like to discuss with the owner but find the landlord unreachable? What is the landlord's responsibility to the neighbours? What by-laws etc are in place to encourage good neighbourly relations? How can we encourage engagement by the landlords? Do the cities policies help or hinder this engagement? Let's find out.

This month we have two guests from the City of Toronto.

Lauralyn Johnston -  from the City's Housing Policy Section and is a Planner working in our planning policy division. She who worked on the 20 Gladstone proposal and has lots of experience with rental housing, landlords, etc. She has a short presentation to make and a hand-out.
Joe Magalhaes -  district manager for Municipal Licensing & Standards. He works as the City's enforcement for municipal standards, including property maintenance.
He is well aware of the "problem properties" in our area and works in coordination with other city departments to address these situations. He is happy to speak to any specific concerns and answer questions.

DIGIN meetings are open to all. Feel free to forward and invite your friends and neighbours.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guest Blogger #1 - Michelle Rosen - Railpath Run 2013


I'd like to invite anyone to participate as a guest blogger on the DIGIN blog. Just write a post and send it to me along with some pictures of things happening around our neighbourhood. Enjoy the first one from local resident Michelle Rosen. 


Michelle Rosen lives in the Bloordale Neighborhood and is lover of all things sweet.  When not working her 9 - 5 day job at the University of Toronto, Michelle likes to dabble in web design and development.  Encouraged by the Railpath Run, she is also training for a 10km race in December! 


On September 29th, I ran the Toronto Railpath Run.     It was a warm and sunny day for the end of September, and I was excited to get moving!  There were two parts to the run:  a competitive run at 9:15 am followed by a recreational/fun run at 10:30 am.  The goal was to run as many legs of the 2.1 kilometer trail as you could, in 45 minutes.  All the funds raised went to the STOP Community Food Centre.  I hadn’t run in quite some time but really enjoyed the community feel.   We began at the Wallace Street Bridge where volunteers were there to hand out running bibs and information. There were local political MPs and MPPs, community groups and even the Toronto Roller Derby Club to clear the path between races! The volunteers were friendly, and having the opportunity to ‘run like the wind’ (at least in my mind), without any cars or other obstacles to worry about, was all I needed to sign up.
 I also just really love the rail path.  I live just on the other side of the tracks and have been following the development of the project since I moved into the neighbourhood 3 years ago.  The path is an amazing intersection of nature and industry, past and present.  Depending where you are on the path you may feel like you are in a thicket in High Park, or visiting your favorite chocolate store.   Running past the old Tower Automotive Building and witnessing all the remediation work that is being done, reminds me of the history of the path and the positive attempt to revitalize the neighbourhood. There are art galleries and commissioned art installations, and impromptu displays of graffiti and street art that add to the diversity of the stretch.  The Friends of West Toronto Rail Path describe it as a linear park.  In my mind, the topography of the path may be straight (or slightly curvy) but the idea and reality of it is certainly not narrow!

The Railpath organizers also invited some community groups to the run, one of which was displaying alternatives to the proposed Metrolinx Noise Barriers.   I’m hopeful that some compromise can be found and a more integrated solution developed.  The proposed barriers seem incongruous to the way the path has developed, and the organic way it connects to its surroundings: the tracks, the trees, and the openness of the route.   It certainly wouldn’t feel the same to run with large, ugly, grey cement barriers lining the path.  I was really impressed with the ‘Sharing Boundaries’ plans and am encouraged by this hopeful alternative.  

I managed to run 6 kilometers and was cheered on by organizers and supporters.  There were prizes given away at the end of the race and plenty of food and water provided by the sponsors.  All in all, the run was fun and well organized.  It reminded me of how much I enjoy the West Toronto Railpath and the neighbourhood I live in. 

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