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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIGIN meeting Wed Nov 13 @ 7pm - Responsible Neighbourhood Development cont'd

Wednesday 13 Nov 2013
@ 7pm - 8:30pm

Wallace Emerson Community Centre
Ambrico Room
1260 Dufferin Street
(on Dufferin, south of Dupont)
As our neighbourhood continues to morph, we will continue to discuss Responsible Neighbourhood Development.

It is recognized that our neighbourhoods need to remain affordable in order to retain the socio-economic and cultural diversity that has defined our area and that many of us value. As many of the big homes that line our streets hold multiple units it is in these homes that we often find affordable rental spaces. But what happens when the buildings and the yard maintenance are neglected? What happens when the neighbours have an issue they'd like to discuss with the owner but find the landlord unreachable? What is the landlord's responsibility to the neighbours? What by-laws etc are in place to encourage good neighbourly relations? How can we encourage engagement by the landlords? Do the cities policies help or hinder this engagement? Let's find out.

This month we have two guests from the City of Toronto.

Lauralyn Johnston -  from the City's Housing Policy Section and is a Planner working in our planning policy division. She who worked on the 20 Gladstone proposal and has lots of experience with rental housing, landlords, etc. She has a short presentation to make and a hand-out.
Joe Magalhaes -  district manager for Municipal Licensing & Standards. He works as the City's enforcement for municipal standards, including property maintenance.
He is well aware of the "problem properties" in our area and works in coordination with other city departments to address these situations. He is happy to speak to any specific concerns and answer questions.

DIGIN meetings are open to all. Feel free to forward and invite your friends and neighbours.

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