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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIGIN Development Meeting
Wednesday 10 April 2013
7pm to 8:30pm
Wallace Emerson Community Centre, Ambrico Room 
(SW corner of Dufferin & Dupont)

This special Neighourhood Development Update will concentrate on the implications the emerging Industrial/Employment Lands issue is having on our community. 

This is a somewhat complicated issue with long-term implications for our neighbourhood and the city. The preservation of Industrial/Employment land is a guideline from the Province of Ontario's Planning Act. The Provincial guidelines are interpreted by the City of Toronto's Official Plan and Area Plans. These, in turn, guide re-zoning and development applications. The purpose is to create or maintain sustainable communities via good live/work mix, short commutes, high employment, etc.

At the Wednesday, April 10th DIG IN meeting, the recent 158 Sterling decision will used as a Case Study.  This is a property and an issue that many in the area are familiar with, so it is a good reference point. In this case, the developer applied for rezoning from Industrial to Mixed-Use, ie a mix of office, retail and residential use, and was turned down by the City. The decision is being appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board, which rules on land-use disputes. 

Key City of Toronto staff -- Sarah Phipps, Area Planner and Rebecca Condon of Economic Development -- will present an overview of the Employment Lands policy, which will help guide discussion. Ana Bailao, or one of her senior EAs will attend, and our MPP, Jonah Schein, will stop by. As well, a representative of Castlepoint, the developer, will be on hand to participate. Nestlé Canada, a local industrial employer, has been invited.

Everyone is welcome!