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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Volunteers & Suggestions wanted for Street Safety Initiative

Hi all,

Some DIGIN members and a few west end Cycle Toronto groups  have been working on a West End Toronto Street Safety Project (a better name is to come) that has been borne out of the increased frustrations on our streets. We all know that growing congestion has resulted in more aggression and carelessness on the part of drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users.
Our project is a modest outreach campaign that involves the development of a website with public awareness tools and resources that call attention in a light-hearted but pointed way to dangerous and disrespectful street behaviours, like aggressive and distracted driving, like cyclists or anyone else running red lights, or wandering into traffic while texting.

At this point we are looking to add content to our website. 

We are looking for any cartoons, videos, stories, anecdotes, anything that will help create more awareness and/or educate folks on how to respectfully share our streets so everyone can arrive alive. 

If you have come across anything that you'd like to share please send me the link or the information. 

*** If anyone is interested in working on this project we would gladly accept your help. ***
At this point we are doing research and web design...later on we will be designing 'promo' material and then doing the outreach during the spring/summer months.


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